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Drug & Alcohol Evaluations 


Our Drug And Alcohol Education Courses are nationally approved and satisfy court, legal, and employment requirements


Court Approved Services

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        Drug & Alcohol Education

We are a licensed agency that provides nationally approved Drug and Alcohol Education courses designed to satisfy court, legal, and employment requirements. Located in Killeen, Texas, we offer a list of court and state approved courses at low cost, with no hidden fees. 

Court and Probation Requirements

If you have a substance related charge (DUI, Reckless Driving, Minor in Possession, Drug Possession…), the law requires that you complete a Alcohol and Drug Education course. The Drug And Alcohol Education Course is offered in minimum time requirements of four (4), eight (8), twelve (12), or thirty two (32) hours. A timer is provided to help you keep track of time spent within the course. Upon completion of the course, attendees will receive both an enrollment verification letter and certificate of completion.

Philanthropy - Community Enhancement 

We have committed to donating a percentage of each payment to select non-profit organizations. We are dedicated to the enhancement of our community. AVIE seeks to promote the welfare of others, by donating to good causes; generously and benevolently. Contact us for more information or assistance.

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