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You have likely found this program because you have been asked to complete a Drug And Alcohol Education Course by a judge, court, parole officer, probation officer, state or county official, attorney, family member, employer, etc. The course for Drugs & Alcohol program was written by a specialist and a member of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. We are an NAADAC Approved Education Provider. The Approved Education Provider status identifies our program as meeting nationally approved standards of education developed for the addiction/substance use disorders counseling profession.

Time requirement

The Drug And Alcohol Education Course is offered in minimum time requirements of four (4), eight (8), twelve (12), or thirty two (32) hours. A timer is provided to help you keep track of time spent within the course. You may start and stop the Drug And Alcohol Education Course as often as you'd like and your progress will be saved each time. The entire Drug And Alcohol Education Course can be completed online and does not require you to call a staff member or visit an office to complete the program.

Course topics

The Drug And Alcohol Education Class is presented in seventeen (17) separate sections which address the following topics:

  1. Drugs and alcohol

  2. DWI Education

  3. DWI Intervention

  4. Drug Offender Education 

  5. Types of drugs

  6. Common drugs

  7. Types of alcoholic beverages

  8. Health consequences of drug use

  9. Health consequences of alcohol use

  10. Drug use

  11. Effects of alcohol

  12. Drug abuse

  13. Alcohol abuse

  14. Alcoholism

  15. Addiction

  16. Drug laws

  17. Alcohol laws

  18. Positive changes

  19. Lapse and relapse prevention

  20. Resources and reference


Certificate of completion

A certificate of completion will be provided upon completion of the course. 

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